Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday, November 19th Korean Dinner

One of my translators on Wednesdays is Justina. She is from China and actually is from the countryside of Wenzhou.

After class this late afternoon, we began talking about dinner. She explained that in the business center there are several good restaurants and shops. Unfortunately, we are very limited to KFC, Houcaller because they have pictures on their menus. Another restaurant on the third floor has the actual food in beautiful displays so that you can point to what you want. The electronic pocket translator helps with this as well when ordering.

Justina offered to go with us to dinner and point out what the various businesses had to offer. I was VERY grateful and thought this would be extremely helpful. There were several fast food Chinese restaurants. She explained that some establishments emphasized Chinese milk tea, that the students and the Chinese people in general love this beverage.

One was a Korean restaurant that much to our surprise they have pictures on their menu! YEAH! We decided to go there.

I know that Korean food can be very spicy in comparison to western food. So I was careful to ask while she was with us that we liked it a little spicy.

We were served hot tea in small green pottery that was great. The weather here has gotten a little colder, it was about 56 degrees F today and the wind was blowing.

The first dish came and it was a crock pot filled with brown rice, assorted fresh vegetables and a fried egg on top. The dish looked wonderful and smelled like sizzling rice! The waitress placed the crocks on the table, poured a red sauce over the food and immediately began blending and chopping up the food with a large spoon.

I was concerned that it would be too spicy, but it was not, the taste just had a little bit of a spicy flavor.

Next came the spicy pork and cabbage. Then, pan fried tofu known as Dofou in China. I have not been able to find pan-fried tofu anywhere.

Everything was delicious!

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Terry said...

I wish I was there, you and your husband appear to be having the time of your life. It appears you have had the chance to meet some great people along the way. The blog looks great, keep up the good work.