Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Friday, October 31

Happy Halloween! The children were very excited because it was halloween. I told that there would be no trick or treating in China. Before we left Georgia, the neighbors were all very nice and allowed the children to dress up and come to their house to receive their usual, annual candy calls. Thanks Mary, Sandy and Jennifer! That was VERY much appreciated!

The children thought there might be something going on here, the supermarket in the Business Center had a few scary, ghosts masks, mardi gras feathered masks and some plastic pumpkins that the kids like to use to put their candy in. There was a sign out front that was in all Chinese EXCEPT for the word Halloween was on the poster a few times. So the children thought that maybe there might be something going on there. We went back down on that Friday night to check it out, but alas no tricks and no treats were going on!

At the end of teaching on that Friday, one student gave me a beautiful lace, see through red pouch, like a money bag filled with assorted candy. In her best English, she told me that this was for my children for their Halloween trick or treating. She had worked hard and used her phone that had an English translator to tell me this. She learned the English words to tell me to give this to the children and Happy Halloween!

When I came back to the apartment, they were just thrilled to see the candy!

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