Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wednesday, November 12 Off to Hong Kong!

Well...I'm off to teach class and then, we are flying to Hong Kong to stay there for four days! On to another grand adventure.

After teaching classes, Tom arrived at my classroom door to say that he had called a Taxi and it was waiting downstairs with my family.

We took the "scenic" tour to the airport! Our taxi driver did not speak any English. He took us through very little towns and even through a congested construction site where only small vehicles could cross, so we had to wait until the traffic cleared. We still made the flight though, thank goodness!

When we arrived at our destination it was absolutely gorgeous, I expected nothing less from Disney. We stayed on property at The Disney Resort Hotel in Hong Kong. We were excited but we were exhausted. Everyone really enjoyed sleeping in a western bed where there are box springs and a soft mattress. I have been very surprised though that the board that I have been sleeping on has not had any negative effects on my back and neck! It is nice to see a different country with different cultures than the west.

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