Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Saturday, November 8 Tom's Apartment

Saturday morning was filled with excitement! We had been looking forward all week to going over to Tom's place for lunch.

Julie accompanied us and was very helpful in finding the right bus, which was Bus 38 to Bus 40 into Wenzhou. We went to the end of the line and got off the bus. After a quick phone call, Tom came walking up and said hello. He told us his mother was very excited to meet us.

When we arrived at Tom's building, we walked up to the six floor. The apartment was immaculate and just beautiful! The view over the city was awesome!

We met two of Tom's relatives who were there. One was dressed in a very nice business suit with a beautiful, gold round lapel pin that appeared to be from the government. We learned that he was a business man in sales for his company and would have to leave after lunch to go to work.

His mother is a manager of student housing here at Wenzhou University. She does not speak English, but Tom translated for her. She has a beautiful smile!

Tom's mother had been cooking for quite some time and had prepared a beautiful meal for us. One dish here that is of great honor to serve to your guests are crabs. They showed us how to peel a whole shrimp and to eat the little crabs. Everything was delicious!

We felt VERY welcomed!

After lunch, everyone played various games including different card and video games. Tom can really shuffle a deck of cards. About 2:oo p.m., Tom began asking what we wanted for dinner. I said that we were leaving and quickly found out that was NOT the plan. Tom said that his mother wanted to know what to cook.

So we said whatever she wants to do is fine with us. We walked downstairs and around the corner to the most fresh market you can imagine. Live birds and fish of all kinds along with a variety of vegetables were plentiful. She picked out some live shrimp and various meats with more fresh vegatables.

We went back to the apartment and had another delicious meal! Another great day. Thanks to Tom and Tom's Mom!

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