Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday, November 10 Art Show & Superbee Pizza!

On Monday afternoon, we were invited to an Art Exhibit at the Howard Johnson's in downtown Wenzhou by Wendy, one of my classroom translators. She has a car and picked us to take us there. It was awesome! Thanks Wendy this was THE best sculptor exhibit I have ever attended.

Later that evening, I had another let's get on the bus and go downtown moment! So we had seen a Steak House that we thought was a similar to our Japanese Steak Houses. So we took Bus 38 to downtown Wenzhou, got off where we saw the restaurant.

We went in and it was gorgeous! After taking a quick look at the menu and realizing that it would be about $50 a person, we decided to leave and return another day.

We walked down the street and as destiny or fate would have it, we saw a SuperBee Pizza restaurant calling our names. We went in and were seated immediately. Here, customer service is awesome! The restaurants are very clean and the staff are all wearing the same neat, freshly pressed uniforms of that company. You are happily greeted at the door with smiles and friendly welcomes!

Here, we sat down and the only other person in the restaurant was Chuck, an American from believe it or not...Atlanta, Georgia! We began talking and he came over to eat with us. He then took us to a European market where we were able to find milk and cheese! We have searched every where for cheese, this is not something that is part of the food culture here.

So we have met a new, great friend! Thanks Chuck for showing us the western side of Wenzhou!

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Wayne Chao said...

wow, i really wanna say,"what a small world!!" Madam,i've attended your class once,and today i happened to see your blog,then when i read this passage, i found i know Chunk since i've joined his party once,and u and he are from the same place, all of these like magic!!^_^