Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thursday, November 6 McDonald's Attack!

The Americans could not wait any longer! WE had a junk food attack. So it was dinner time and told everyone how about let's go to town and find a McDonald's to get a hamburger and some greasy french fries. We have been eating the most wonderful real Chinese food that is healthy and not fried with lots of vegetables and fruit.

BUT it was time to help increase my cholesterol count! Unfortunately, once I mentioned it to the family and especially the children no one said: "NO mother! That is junk food and we cannot go!" No one said: "But that is an hour ride on Bus 38 to downtown Wenzhou and we do not know exactly where McDonald's is and by the time we are finished the bus will no longer be running back to campus and we will have to take a taxi!"

No instead the uproar was MOST encouraging! Who knew..right?

Well, we went downtown and YES we were following the smell of potatoes frying, that plus seeing the McDonald's sign as we rode around on the bus on previous adventures helped us to find our way!

With the help of pointing at the pictures, the restaurants usually have a picture menu for the foreigners who do not speak Chinese, and the use of our electronic translator I am here to report, YES..you can get a Quarter Pounder with cheese hold the lettuce and special orders still do not upset them at a Chinese McDonald's. The menu included some of the most familiar items that we are use to seeing. We even ordered some to bring back for later enjoyment.

Everyone had a great time and wants to know when they can help contribute again to my cholesterol count!

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