Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Evening, November 13 Hello there! Goofy the Disney character would say: "Well....hello there!"

After a hot, fun filled day at Disneyland, we went back to the room and took showers/changed into clean clothes. I stopped at the elevator (or as the British/Hong Kong label noted, the Lift) and listened to the band playing for a few minutes.

Then, I proceeded on downstairs to the Garden restaurant for a Character dinner. The food was fabulous and it was a gourmet style buffet!

The characters were Goofy, Pluto, Minnie and of course, Mickey!

The entire restaurant got a good laugh, when Goofy attempted to "kiss" Carter! Carter began running around the restaurant with Goofy hiding, then chasing him. All was in hilarious fun!

We took numerous pictures and videos with the characters. I enjoyed dancing with Goofy and Mickey Mouse.

I asked someone who was walking around with Minnie if we could get a picture with Minnie AND Mickey together. I thought this would be great!

She replied by explaining to me that they were not to be photographed together and this was in their contract. They are suppose to walk around separately and go from table to table. BUT she realized that this was a special time for me and my family to be at Hong Kong Disneyland. So if we were willing to wait, she would work it out. I said OK.

After about 15 minutes, she and another worker came over to our table and escorted us to another dining room next to the kitchen door behind a wall. Suddenly, Mickey and Minnie came out of the Kitchen and we ended the evening with pictures of the most famous mice in all the world!

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dshgihtower said...

What a wonderful opportunity for your children to visit Disneyland in Hong Kong!