Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Saturday, November 15 Hong Kong Tour

We began our day taking the subway and then, walking to the downtown Hong Kong Hard Rock Cafe. Upon arriving, we did not have a great deal of time, but enough to grab a few shirts/hats in the gift shop and ordering a great American burger! I can always depend on Hard Rock to provide an awesome burger for about $8 - 10 US.

After leaving Hard Rock, we went to the Sheraton Hotel to take a tour of Hong Kong. It was great! We started by driving up to Victoria's Peak, then to a fishing village with a ride on a real sampam or "junk" boat as they are called. Next, we went to the famous Stanley market.

We found out that Hong Kong's official languages are Cantonese Chinese and English. China's official language is Mandarin Chinese.

At 8:00 p.m., each night in the overlooking downtown Hong Kong harbor there is a tradition of a laser show flashing on and over the buildings lighting of the skyline in a most brillant display of lights.

The day ending with dinner on the largest floating restaurant named Jumbo.

Downstairs you could see a massive amount of fresh, live seafood that would be prepared for many upcoming meals along with a brief museum display of the history of the restaurant and some pictures of famous guests, such as Yul Brenner, Elizabeth Taylor, William Holden, the last Bristish Governor of Hong Kong and Queen Elizabeth.

Before riding the junk boat back across the bay to take a taxi back to the metro subway station (called the MTR), we got our pictures sitting in the Emperor's Chair along with Joe from the restaurant.

A great day was had with a whirlwind tour of Hong Kong!

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