Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday, November 18th Houcaller

Another American professor teaches on Tuesday afternoon next door to my class. She is from San Francisco and teaches onground for University of Phoenix at several sites in the bay area. I invited her to dinner at a western style restaurant called Houcaller.

I had a great steak dinner that included mushroom soup, sirlion steak, noodles with some tomato sauce and an egg all served on a sizzling hot cast iron skillet plate. This reminded of how fajitas are often served in the US in a Mexican restaurant. The "complete" meal includes a glass of hot green tea and one trip to the salad bar which I got all fruit with my trip! My new friend enjoyed a seafood pasta meal, which she mentioned was delicious!

Her name is Fariba and this is her third teaching assignment in China. She mentioned that the air and the water were much clearer and cleaning than other parts of China that she has been in. She is very well traveled and has been to Bejing.

When she leaves here in two weeks, she is going to Shanghai, then Hanoi to visit some friends prior to returning home to San Fran! Thanks for the great information and it has been nice meeting you Fariba!

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mreddie said...

It is good to see your smiling face again. :) eddie